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Mats Hummels + doing stupid things with his face 



I miss holger

i miss javi

i miss basti

"His boyish looks do not hinder his attractiveness – it is his boyish looks that make him one hell of an attractive lad to keep your eyes on this season." - x

Fantastic  team photo in an empty stadium before the CSKA Moscow match.


FC Bayern München’s team photo for the match against CSKA Moscow on 30.09.14

Anonymous said:
muller is a disgrace wtf is he doing I can't believe it he is missing all the chances losing all the balls ??


gerd muller has been playing since the 60s okay give him a break

They will learn what true power is.


Lahm getting yellow is even weirder than that stadium without any people


Ok guys you really C O U L D have scored this shit